Tasha’s size and c-section

In addition to the evidence showing a crime did not take place and little Bryan’s death was the result of an accident, Tasha’s physical size and condition at the time of his collapse show she could not have shaken and abused a child to death.

Tasha’s height

Little Bryan was a particularly large two-and-a-half-year-old weighing 33lbs on his hospital admission. Tasha, on the other hand, was very petite at just 4 foot 9.

Despite his age, little Bryan was over half as tall as Tasha at 3 feet (36 inches).

The impossibility of the suggestion that Tasha lifted and shook with force a large, heavy child over half her height shows that she simply could not have done it.

A photo showing Tasha’s small stature.

c-section and tubal ligation surgery

Tasha shortly after giving birth.

In addition to her small size, Tasha had just given birth less than two weeks before little Bryan’s death where she had a caesarean section and surgery to have her tubes tied (tubal ligation). This left her with stitches and the explicit instructions from her doctors to not lift anything heavy or else her stitches would open.

If Tasha had lifted little Bryan and shaken him, they would have opened.

However, none of Tasha’s stitches were ever found to have opened.

“Having had Caesarean section, she would have been cautioned not to do heavy lifting and the likelihood of her being able to lift and shake a 30-pound child would be remarkably reduced by virtue of her condition.”

Dr Ophoven, one of Tasha’s experts, testifying in the 2018 PCR hearing

Given her small size and the physical condition she was in less than two weeks post-cesarean section and tubal ligation surgery – how could Tasha have lifted, shaken, and abused a child as heavy and tall as little Byran was?