Astrid and Emily join Team Tasha

Two legal researchers from the UK organization 3DCentre have joined Team Tasha. 

Emily Girvan-Dutton and Astrid Parrett have come over from England to help assist Tasha’s legal team in securing Tasha Shelby justice. 

Their aim on their two-month-long trip is to contact people involved in Tasha’s original trial including the jury in order to support an appeal of Tasha’s conviction. On top of that, they are creating a media campaign. This includes talking to journalists and also, creating their own podcast with the help of KnoxRobinson productions

Astrid and Emily have previously conducted research into the use of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) in UK courts. This resulted in a preliminary study that revealed there is a small group of UK experts testifying in 100s of cases resulting in innocent people being convicted and families being unnecessarily torn apart.

Emily Girvan-Dutton

In 2022, Emily graduated from Bristol University with a first-class degree in Law. She has particular interests in medical negligence, junk science, and the intersection of both with the criminal justice system.

Emily Girvan-Dutton (2022)

“Every day new advances and scientific discoveries are being made. Our justice system must be able to change and correct itself in line with the science. However, Tasha Shelby’s case proves that the justice system is not yet able to do so. It’s fixation with outdated science works to both keep innocent people behind bars and continually imprison even more.”

Emily Girvan-Dutton, 2022

Astrid Parrett

Astrid is currently in her final year of Durham University studying law. Astrid wants to work full-time representing individuals in the criminal justice system, especially cases where there is gender and class inequality.

“Tasha’s case is based on unproven science. But not only that – it is a case about a young woman being continually ignored by the justice system. This case shows how the criminal justice system has outdated and sexist ideas of what a woman should be – quiet and obedient. Tasha will not be silenced and will forever fight for justice.

Astrid Parrett, 2022
Astrid Parrett (2021)


3DC is an organization that investigates injustices, fights individual cases and inspires carers in human rights. It was founded by human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith OBE. Clive has worked on many SBS cases such as Sabrina Butler. He, along with 3DC, supports Astrid and Emily while they carry out work in the US.